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Discover How To Open, Verify and Operate A Fully Functional USA PayPal Account Right Here In Nigeria With My eBook! (100% Verified PAYPAL Account)
Want a PayPal account, but when you sign up!, you discovered your country is not even on the list or your country is restricted to (SEND PAYMENTS only) Example: pay for goods or services but You can’t receive money or your country is banned.

You’ve tried many solutions out there & have lost your hard-earned money seeking solutions, but all to no avail. This problem made you, You were unable to withdraw the money made on survey sites, fiverr, click bank and other affiliate sites even (work from home sites). Your dream of having the most widely accepted means of sending and receiving payment online failed!!!.


On my Nigeria PayPal Account above apart from the fact that my MasterCard has Expired On Top Blue PayPal Bar you have ( SUMMARY – ACTIVITY – SEND PAYMENTS – WALLET – SHOP ) Which means you can Only pay for goods or services


On my Fully Functional USA PayPal Account above  On Top Blue PayPal Bar you have ( SUMMARY – ACTIVITY – SEND & REQUEST – WALLET – BENEFITS & OFFERS ) Which means you can ,Pay or Send Money, Donate to your cause, no found limits depends on your account type and so on!!

PayPal is an effective payment gateway for your e-commerce! Most people may tell you to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when visiting PayPal website, with this method you can sign up. But how do you verify the PayPal Account?

This Is How It Works

  1. Your Personal Computer is connected to a local Internet in Nigeria (Local IP) as shown in the diagram below.
  2. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) hooks you to a secured server with a dedicated US IP.
  3. PayPal website detects you logged in through dedicated US IP instead of your Internet in Nigeria (Local IP).
  4. With this method you can sign up! but  like I said earlier “How  do you verify the PayPal Account?”

With My eBook! (100% Verified PAYPAL Account)

I’m gonna show you how to open a Verified PayPal Account that can receive money here in Nigeria, with your Intenet e.g. GLO, MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile (Local IP) No VPN.  Yes! I said No VPN

How to verify your PayPal using a special Bank Account.

How to add a special credit card to your PayPal & Boost Account Limits.

How to withdraw your PayPal money to your Local Bank Account.

And more…..

I’m offering 7day money-back guarantee because I’m so sure about my 100% Verified PAYPAL Account eBook and how it will help solve your online payment problems and increase your Online Business to high levels.

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